2012 Success Stories

Hello Fellow Animal Lovers!
We here at FACE we have helped saved over 600 lives and we would like to introduce all of you to a few of our success stories. You can also find more success stories on our website [ www.face4pets.org].


Meet Lippy. This adorable kitty had a very serious run-in with a coyote. She had bolted out the screen door and was attacked right in front of her owners, who had to chase off the predator. Right away they rushed Lippy to the vet and were devastated to learn that Lippy had broken her jaw defending herself and needed emergency surgery in order to live. Thankfully, they turned to FACE and Lippy got the help needed to live out a long happy life with her grateful owners.


This little guy is Blue. He loves playing outside and digging. One day his owners noticed he wasn’t eating and they knew something was wrong. They took him to the vet where they did x-ray’s and found that he had swallowed a rock. Without surgery to remove the rock, Blue would not have survived. Blue’s owner works for the school district and couldnt afford the surgery to save Blue’s life so she turned to FACE. Now he is back home resting and enjoying his time with his owner.

Max Pic1

Here we have Max. He is an adorable, fun loving Boxer mix. He was outside playing when he hurt his leg on the fence. His owner came home to find Max limping so he rushed him to the vet. He was informed that he had fractured his leg and was in desperate need of an FHO in order to survive. Max’s owner, a military veteran, was devastated at the idea of losing his best friend so he turned to FACE. Max is now back home getting some deserved R&R with his owner.

Tucker photo

Meet “Tucker!” This happy hound-dog is sweet as can be, but his upbeat personality is what got him into trouble… His problem? “Happy Tail.” He wagged his tail so hard that he cut it open when it hit the table. He got an infection, and it became so severe that he needed his tail amputated, fast. With the help of FACE, Tucker got his surgery, and now he can wiggle with glee, worry-free!

Meet Punkin! This cutie pie was diagnosed with something many dachshunds are susceptible to – disc herniation. He needed emergency surgery on his back to save his life. Fortunately FACE was able to help this lil guy, and now he’s back at home, snuggling with his grateful owner.

bruiser pic

Bruiser had a urethral obstruction and needed emergency surgery fast to save his life. His owner is a single mom who couldn’t afford the entire cost of his care. Fortunately, South Bay Veterinary Hospital referred him to FACE, and now this lucky guy is back at home with his adoring family.

Julianne Pic
Meet Julianne! This sweet girl was suffering from an inguinal hernia, which, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening if left untreated. Julianne is a rescue, and she is the love of her owner’s life. But the social security income the two survive on wasn’t enough to pay for Julianne’s much needed surgery. Luckily, FACE was able to help, and now this sweet pup is home again with her very grateful “mom.”

Thank you for taking the time to read our success stories. We are going to continuing keeping all of you Thank you for taking the time to read our success stories. We are going to continuing keeping all of you animal enthusiasts updated on newest success stories.

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