Chance and Jazy

Chance and Jazy

Dear Friends of FACE,

This posted as a courtesy to one of our “Friends of FACE.” He has just found out that his son who is in the US Air Force will not be able to come home for over two years because he will be overseas serving our country. Because this solider cannot come home, his two dogs,” Jazy” and “Chance,” are in need of a forever home. “Jazy “is an 8 year old female pure-bred Brussels Griffon and “Chance” is a 7 year old male “Shug,” or a Shih Tzu-Pug mix. The two come as a pair and are ready to be loved!

“Chance” wrote this letter for everyone to read:

Hi, my name is Chance, I am a Male Shug and for those of you that don’t know, that’s half Pug and half ShihTzu, and I’ve been around 7 years in Southern California. My lifetime companion is Jasmine aka Jazy, an 8 year old purebred Brussels Griffon. People who see us together, know we’re a package and made for each other, and some say, we’re Two Peas in a Pod! No worries about our health, our human takes good care of us. We love to be around a family. I am laid back, calm, and loveable, Jazy is a kisser and loves to be the center of attention. We’re crate trained and housebroken, like to ride in the car and enjoy walking. Two years ago, Jeff our human joined the military and we’ve been temporarily living with his childhood friend awaiting his return. We just learned that Jeff will not be coming home to get us, because of his overseas commitment to his country. Heartbroken Jeff, told us we need to find a forever home. Well that’s our little story, so Jeff won’t have to worry about us, we’re going try . . . and maybe someday, Jeff will visit.

Please help spread the word about Jazy and Chance and contact FACE with any inquiries at 858-450-3223.

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