Pet Preparedness FEMA

With the continuing drought in California and other parts of the West, it’s important for pet owners to have a wildfire preparedness plan in place that includes pets and livestock. Here are a few simple tips from FEMA on emergency planning for pet owners.

Prepare a pet emergency supply kit containing:
*Food and water
*Medicine and medical records
*First aid kit
*Collar, tags, leash
*Litter, litter box, and other sanitary supplies
*A picture of you and your pet and other documentation of ownership
*Bedding and toys familiar to your pet

Create an emergency evacuation plan. Remember, animals are not always allowed at emergency evacuation shelters. Research pet-friendly lodging for you and your pet, or make plans to take your pets to friends and family or a boarding facility. Keep a list of local animal control agencies in case you and your pet are separated. You can also talk to your vet about microchipping.

For more information on caring for animals in an emergency, including a downloadable brochure, click here:

With a little advance planning, you and your pet can stay safe and together!

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