Pet Food Banks: Helping Families and Pets in Need

Sad Dog

During this season of giving, our thoughts often turn to those less fortunate than ourselves.  Many animal lovers may be wondering how they can make a real difference in the lives of pets during the holidays.

Many families suffering financial hard times are unable to keep their dogs and cats because they cannot afford the cost of basic supplies like food and kitty litter.  Like food banks for people, pet food banks have sprung up across the country to address this need and help pets stay with their owners despite financial hardship.

Pet food banks are always in need of donations of food and other basic pet supplies.   The Save Our Pets Food Bank in Atlanta, Georgia has created an extensive list of pet food assistance programs throughout the United States.  Click HERE to see the list of local pet food banks in the U.S.

Please consider helping families and pets in need in your area this holiday season by donating food, litter and other necessities to your local pet food pantry.


2 thoughts on “Pet Food Banks: Helping Families and Pets in Need

  1. I love this idea and for the recent “Give Day” supported (among other pet related non-profits) PetAid Colorado, a non-profit group that provides a healthcare safety net for underprivileged pets and animals at risk. Especially since the recession, many families have struggled to keep their fur kids safe; this organization helps. Thanks for sharing the word on the giving/helping aspect for the ‘howlidays’ to the less fortunate. May yours be ‘furry and bright.’ ❤

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