Glina art

Local San Diego artist Glina has announced that she is donating 40% of proceeds of artwork sold to the FACE Foundation, “where art can be used to heal.”  Esther Glina Montagner is a renowned abstract artist who gives voice to the theme “to be heard” in her work.  She has depicted such emotional human experiences as the Holocaust, 9/11, and the earthquake in Japan in her bold and intense art.  Her work can be found in many permanent museum collections and touring exhibitions, as well as in commercial interiors, throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Glina art2

To learn more about Glina and see her work, visit her website HERE.  If you are interested in helping FACE save the lives of beloved family pets by purchasing artwork by Glina, please contact Glina at or FACE at  Special FACE pricing will be applied to all artwork purchased through this program.  You can contact Glina for pricing details.

Glina dog

Thank you for your help in supporting families with pets in need of emergency veterinary care!


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