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It’s always a good time to adopt your new best friend, but why not consider adopting a senior dog or cat during the month of November in celebration of Adopt a Senior Pet Month? Open your heart to a senior pet from your local shelter or rescue group. Many of these sweet animals have lived most of their lives with a family, only to have been surrendered as older adults. You can help turn their lives around…and get a calm, loving, and well-trained companion while you’re at it.

Senior pet1

Here in San Diego, the San Diego Humane Society is waiving adoption fees for all animals 7 years and older during the month of November. You can find similar incentives at shelters and rescue groups all over the country.

Senior pet3

Check out this heartwarming video of adoptable senior pets from the Best Friends Animal Society, as if you needed any more inspiration:



4 thoughts on “November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

  1. I adopted a 6-year-old dog two years ago and a 14-year-old dog earlier this year and I love them both. People say what’s the point in having a senior dog when they’re going to be gone in a couple of years or so, and I always say: to make their final years the best they ever had.

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