Thinking about giving a pet as a holiday gift? Last year we shared info about a great public awareness campaign from Dogs Trust Ireland called “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” Now is the perfect time to remind well-meaning gift givers to think twice before giving an animal as a present for the holidays.

2 thoughts on “A Puppy for Christmas? Stop Before You Shop or Adopt!

  1. In a finnish newspaper was a test how can know if you are ready for a dog. The list was long, I don´t remember all, but : Go every morning out at six o´clock with a rope, walk 2-3 km in rain, in snow … Then pour two buckets of water on the floor, try to dry and at the same time try to prepare yourself to work. Throw a shoe away, because it is biten. Same reason to throw away: a sofa, a chair, some curtains. Wake up at night, go out with the rope, it has diarrhea. Do this three times, then take the carpet out. Start from the beginning. The list was great, makes for sure to think before just adopting a cute puppy.

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