Adopting a Rescue Dog from the Asian Dog Meat Trade

Dog meat2

The Humane Society International is working with animal welfare organizations around the U.S. to rescue dogs from the Asian dog meat trade and place them into loving forever homes. Recently, 26 dogs from South Korea were brought to the Washington, D.C. area, and here in San Diego, 29 dogs were taken in by the San Diego Humane Society.

Dog meat4

Thinking about adopting a dog rescued from the Asian dog meat trade? The San Diego Humane Society has posted some helpful advice for potential adopters on their website. There are some special considerations when adopting one of these dogs. Dogs rescued from meat farms will need lots of extra TLC and patience. Many have lived their entire lives in cages and will need socialization and training…even basic training like walking on a leash and potty training. They may be fearful of seemingly harmless situations like being outside and walking on grass.

Dog meat3

San Diego Humane reminds adopters that these special dogs (or any dog with negative past experiences) need to be introduced into their new lives gradually and gently. Watch out for sensory overload from loud noises and new experiences (home appliances, car rides, etc.)…the key is to go slowly. Food can be a good motivator to help bring around a fearful dog and teach him that interaction with humans is a positive thing. Remember to remain patient and positive as you and your new dog embark on this new life together.


9 thoughts on “Adopting a Rescue Dog from the Asian Dog Meat Trade

  1. OK I’m going to sound like one of the broken records, I really love it that you’re sharing this publicly.

    I want to know what I can do to support you? Would you like a reblog, Facebook share or would or is there some part of this subject that I could add by writing also?

    • Thanks, you’re so nice! Anything that you might want to do to help spread the word would be awesome! San Diego Humane has a lot of great info on this issue, also Humane Society International, and Animals Asia is a great resource as well!

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