Video: 17 Persian Cats Rescued from Heartbreaking Neglect Situation

Cat rescue2

Joseph’s Legacy Rescue in Ohio recently came across one of the worst animal neglect cases they’ve seen. 17 Persian cats and kittens were living in filthy conditions in one room, many of them in cages, when they were rescued earlier this month. Unfortunately, one of the cats didn’t survive.

Cat rescue1

The cats were suffering from the effects of extreme neglect…malnourishment, fleas, terrible matting, and eye infections (at least one cat was even missing an eye).

Cat rescue3

The rescuers have been making sure all the surviving cats and kittens have been getting proper care and medical attention since the rescue. They are being placed in foster homes until they’re ready for adoption.

To see the news video from WLWT5 Cincinnati about this wonderful rescue, click HERE.


4 thoughts on “Video: 17 Persian Cats Rescued from Heartbreaking Neglect Situation

  1. News like this infuriates me and just breaks my heart. How HOW can people treat animals like this? A local SPCA here was closed down due to overcrowding and neglect. It was horrific because I saw firsthand how these cats lived ….. Stacked in cages, overcrowding, in a room that reeked of chemicals, kept alive even in terrible conditions because it was a “no kill shelter”. I adopted 3 cats from there. One I was forced to put down at age 8 because his mind snapped. He had been living in a cage since birth to 9 months of age. He didn’t know how to socialize or play and it took a long time for me to teach him not to bite. He attacked some of our other cats and when he snapped, he was destroying the house. To this day I grieve for that cat. The second cat just died last October from CHF at age 11. Her biological sister has renal disease. She will die because her kidneys will eventually shut down. Coincidence that these cats were from this. SPCA? No. They were also massively over-vaccinated. When the authorities finally did something, many of the animals were mercifully put down. I don’t trust the SPCA as far as I can throw them! At least not where I live.

    • Poor cats, so sorry to hear about your experiences! So sad that cats can find themselves in such horrible situations, even if people do mean well before things get out of hand. It’s likely in this Persian case the person was probably breeding them, although the video didn’t say this. It might as well have been a straight hoarding case, based on the condition of the cats.

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