If It’s February, It Must Be Pet Dental Health Month!

Dental month2

February is Pet Dental Health Month, a great time to remind dog and cat owners to make sure their pets’ teeth and gums are in good shape. Talk to your veterinarian about bringing your pet in for a dental, may veterinary practices have special deals on dentals during the month of February.

Dental month1

Your vet will carefully examine the condition of your pet’s gums and all of the teeth, do a thorough cleaning with dental instruments, and finish with a tooth cleaning/polishing and maybe even a protective coating, too. If your vet finds any issues, you can talk about things like X-rays, tooth extractions, or additional procedures to help your pet combat periodontal disease.

Dental month3

Oh, and if you’re not already brushing your pet’s teeth at home every week, it’s never too late to start! Make sure you get toothbrushes and toothpaste especially made for dogs or cats, and never use human toothpaste on pets. Some owners like to wrap gauze around their finger and brush the teeth that way. Introduce your pet to tooth brushing gradually. Even cats can learn to tolerate it over time!

Want more information on pet dental health? Check out American Veterinary Dental College’s (AVDC) website HERE.


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