A FACE in the Spotlight: Meet Sonni Nevarez

Sonni Nevarez

VCA Animal Specialty Group in San Diego has been a FACE partner in saving the lives of beloved family pets since 2010. So far, we have worked to save 38 lives together! VCA Animal Specialty Group provides both emergency/critical care as well as specialized veterinary care and surgery for animals. Sonni Nevarez has been a key member of the practice for 17 years, first as a technician and now as Hospital Manager.

In her role as Hospital Manager, Sonni works closely with FACE to help find ways for owners to take care of their beloved four-legged family members. Every year, FACE and VCA Animal Specialty Group save the lives of several pets in need of crucial medical care, animals that would otherwise be euthanized due to lack of funds to pay for needed treatment. “We are able to give hope when there often is none,” says Sonni.


One unforgettable example for both Sonni and FACE is Malakai, the Bionic Pup! Malakai, a German Shepherd mix, had a rough start in life when he was attacked by another dog while out for a walk as a puppy. Malakai survived the attack, but had to get titanium rods implanted in his upper forelegs. A few years later, poor Malakai fell 2 stories out of a window when the screen gave way and broke more bones in his lower legs! Malakai’s mom, a former Marine and full-time student, received a grant from FACE and was able to afford Malakai’s surgery…this time plates and pins in his legs. “Malakai takes the cake” when it comes to memorable FACE cases, says Sonni.

“I love seeing owners being able to take their pet home after a very long emotional roller coaster ride of dealing with an emergency situation with their pet,” says Sonni. We love happy endings too, and extend our heartfelt thanks to Sonni Nevarez and the entire team at VCA Animal Specialty Group!


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