Puppy day

Did you know that today is National Puppy Day?  March 23rd has been designated as National Puppy Day since 2006 when Colleen Paige founded the day…not just to celebrate puppies, but to raise awareness about the importance of saving orphaned puppies around the world, and also to educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills.

Puppy day2

Puppy mills can be either large or small-scale dog breeding facilities where dogs are bred in often inhumane conditions and the puppies are sold for profit, either at pet stores or other venues like websites and online or newspaper ads.

Puppy day3

Be sure to visit your local shelter or rescue group to check out all the adoptable puppies in need of loving homes.  Purchasing a puppy should only be done through a responsible breeder.

For more information on National Puppy Day and what you can do to help puppies, check out NationalPuppyDay.com!


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