How Cats Show That They Are In Pain

Cat pain2

Cats are famous for not letting on that they’re sick or injured. In nature, going off and hiding by yourself when you’re not feeling 100% is a useful survival mechanism. But housecats can make it hard for their owners to figure out what’s wrong if they hide out in the closet or under the bed. A recent article has outlined the behavioral signs of pain in cats, as identified by feline veterinary health experts.

Cat pain1

Here’s a list of some of the behaviors you and your vet should be aware of if you suspect that your cat may be hurt or sick:

  1. Lameness
  2. Difficulty jumping
  3. Abnormal gait
  4. Reluctance to move
  5. Withdrawing/hiding
  6. Decreased grooming
  7. Playing less
  8. Decreased appetite
  9. Less active
  10. Less rubbing on people
  11. Mood change
  12. Temperament change
  13. Hunched sitting posture
  14. Shifting of weight
  15. Increased licking of particular body area
  16. Lowered head
  17. One closed eye
  18. Change in feeding routine
  19. Avoiding light
  20. Growling
  21. Groaning
  22. Both eyes closed


11 thoughts on “How Cats Show That They Are In Pain

  1. I wrote a similar article to this a while ago. This is really informative. I feel like cat owners should be particularly observant because of how cats are characteristically more shy than other animals when it comes to expressing that they’re in pain.

  2. Sadly I know most of these signs with my special needs cats. I’ve become an expert at reading distress signs and I still don’t get it right. Thanks for posting this. People really must educate themselves who have cats. ❤

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