Tips on House Training Your New Puppy


What’s one of the most important elements of training your new puppy? Potty training, of course! House training a new pup can be intimidating for new dog owners. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on this fundamental training task from the experts at Labrador Training HQ.

The two most important training elements to keep in mind are to prevent mistakes from happening inside the house, and to always praise your puppy every time he or she goes to the bathroom in the right place.


Start the house training process by restricting your pup to one area of the house, and make sure you have a good crate or puppy playpen. Feed your puppy high quality food on a regular schedule to promote good bathroom habits.

Be sure to clean up any indoor messes thoroughly and always make the outdoors the preferred potty area, preferably returning to the same spot every time. It’s helpful to teach your puppy to go to the bathroom on command, and also get her used to a collar and leash.


There are four main types of house training: paper training, use of a crate, constant supervision, and something called “umbilical cord” training. Paper training is not ideal because you are teaching your pup to go in the house. Crate training is very effective because dogs do not like to mess their immediate living space. Constant supervision really only makes sense if you are able to be home all day with your dog. What’s umbilical cord training? This is when you put your puppy on a leash and take him with you wherever you go in the house. Like constant supervision, this technique works best if you’re home a lot, but it’s easier to do because your dog is leashed.

Whatever method you choose, always remember to keep your puppy on a regular schedule…not just feeding, but also other activities like exercise and play. You’ll find that keeping a diary will help you to better monitor and understand your individual pup’s routine.


You can read the full, in-depth article (with complete, step-by-step instructions) on potty training your new puppy at Labrador Training HQ’s website.


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