Rescued Laboratory Beagles Become Beloved Family Pets


Did you know that Beagles are the most commonly used dog breed in research laboratories? According to the Beagle Freedom Project, which rescues and finds homes for these dogs, Beagles are preferred by researchers because of their friendly, trusting, and people-pleasing nature. Unfortunately for them, this means life spent in a cage in a research lab, undergoing all sorts of tests and experiments.


Most of these dogs never experience the outdoors, freedom to run around and play, beds and toys, or even the feeling of grass under their feet until they are rescued. Check out this heartwarming video from the Beagle Freedom Project showing what it’s like for a group of former laboratory Beagles to experience life outside of their cages for the first time!


10 thoughts on “Rescued Laboratory Beagles Become Beloved Family Pets

  1. I guess I have my head in the sand and didn’t realize that labs treat dogs this way. To not let them ever be outside or interact with other dogs?! That is so cruel. (I am scientific at heart, so understand needing to control all the variables possible, but that is just not right!) Do you know what the labs use them to experiment on? I loved seeing how spunky and happy they were once released! Just precious!

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