May 14th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day


If you’ve been watching the news at all lately, you’ve no doubt seen reports about many terrible natural disasters happening in North America this spring…including the huge wildfire in Alberta, Canada and tornadoes and flooding in many U.S. states. Spring can be a dangerous time for people…and their pets…in many geographic regions.


The 2nd Saturday in May has been designated as National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, a great way to remind pet owners that it is just as important to have a disaster plan for pets as it is for people. In emergency situations, it can be hard to remember all of the things to you need to gather up if you and your pets are faced with a sudden evacuation.

Here’s a helpful video from FEMA to help you get started on a preparedness plan for your pets:



13 thoughts on “May 14th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

  1. I had no idea there was a special day for this, but if anyone is interested, last year, I wrote some posts that might be useful:
    Pet Packing list:
    Doggie Bug Out Bag:
    Preparing for Bad Weather:
    Pet Fire & Emergency Safety:
    & last but not least, How to Make a Pet First Aid Kit:

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