A FACE in the Spotlight: Meet Ehsan Khaleel

Plaza Blvd Ehsan

FACE veterinary partner Plaza Boulevard Pet Hospital has been serving pets and their people in the National City/South San Diego area for an impressive 35 years. Plaza Boulevard has been a FACE Save-A-Life Partner since 2010, and together we have worked to save the lives of 42 beloved family pets.

Plaza Boulevard’s Practice Manager Ehsan Khaleel has played a key role in our joint mission to save the lives of pets in need of critical veterinary care. Ehsan is a long-time member of the hospital’s team and is dedicated to helping the animals in their care.

Ehsan describes FACE as a “lifeline for pets” and is experienced in working with clients whose pets are facing a veterinary emergency. In just the past year, we have worked together to save a number of pets, including cute little Muneca, who had a cystotomy (bladder surgery), and two very sweet pups named Noodles and Frisco, who both needed fracture repairs.







Ehsan is an outspoken advocate for the families and pets that can most benefit from a grant from FACE. “It’s a great resource for deserving pets and their owners,” he notes. “However, please do not abuse it.” FACE provides grants to San Diego County residents whose pets have been diagnosed with an immediately life-threatening condition that has a good to excellent prognosis if treated. We work with veterinary hospitals to provide financial assistance to pet owners who are unable to afford the costs of emergency treatment. You can read more about FACE funding criteria HERE.

FACE thanks Ehsan Khaleel and the entire team at Plaza Boulevard Pet Hospital for the work they do to help animals in need of care. We look forward to many more lives saved in the years to come!


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