How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer


With Memorial Day just around the corner, people are looking forward to lots of fun outdoor activities this summer, including spending time outside with their pets. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) has a few timely reminders about warm weather hazards for dogs and cats. Here are a few tips on how to keep your pets safe while they enjoy the great outdoors.

Insect Stings and Bites


Bees, ants, and other insects can sting or bite your curious pets, causing pain, swelling, and in some cases, an allergic reaction. The APCC recommends that you scan your yard for hazards like wasp nests, beehives, and anthills before letting your pets outside.

Lawn and Garden Products


We love our healthy green lawns, but products like weed killers, pesticides, and fertilizers can be dangerous for pets, especially in large amounts. Keep your pets in the house until the product is dried out or watered in (depending on the instructions). Keep your pets away from any open containers in the garage, too.

Pool Chemicals


If you have a backyard pool, be sure your dog knows how to swim and get to an exit point safely. Keep all pool and hot tub chemicals away from your pets.

Flea Control Products


Most flea products are relatively safe when used as directed, but be sure to follow all package instructions carefully. Most problems occur when the products are used incorrectly. The APCC warns all pet owners to never mix up dog and cat flea products…the consequences could be serious.



Plants in the yard as well as potted plants and vases of cut flowers in the house are nice, but make sure you know which plants are hazardous to dogs and/or cats and keep them away from your pets. The APCC has a comprehensive list HERE.


10 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

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  2. Excellent list and advice! One thing I can add since I’ve seen it a couple times already on warm days, is to STOP LEAVING YOUR DOG IN THE CAR while you go shopping and dining out. Ugh, those kinds of people don’t deserve man’s best friend.

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