Heartwarming Video: Dog Rescued from Gulf of Mexico

Florida dog rescue

Because we could all use some happy news from Florida…

A little Jack Russell Terrier named Jägermeister went overboard off of his owner’s boat in the Gulf of Mexico near Hernando Beach, Florida. He went missing and his owner feared he was lost. Two couples in another boat spotted a small object bobbing in the water 3 hours later…it was Jägermeister, luckily wearing a little doggie life vest that kept him afloat. The couples rescued this lucky pup and he was soon reunited with his grateful owner. We love happy endings!  Click below to watch:



10 thoughts on “Heartwarming Video: Dog Rescued from Gulf of Mexico

  1. Is it safe to take an animal on a board of a ship without having a sort of “safety-line”? Well, that poor Jägermeister was lucky… and surely quite scared…

    PS. I have a request since you care for animals in need. Do you have any idea how to help some poor stray cats and dogs inside a Russian shelter in Moskow? I was shocked looking at the short movie (actually I wasn’t able to look all the video)…

    Since yesterday, I’m desperately trying to erase it from my mind but I can. Maybe you have some influent and important acquaintance??? Sorry if it will upset you as well… but I have to share it.
    Thank you 😦 claudine

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