10 Tips on Responsible Pet Ownership

Pet owner top

Caring for our companion animals is a big responsibility. What goes into being a responsible pet owner? The elements of responsible pet ownership go beyond providing our animals with food, water, and shelter. We’ve collected a few basic but important tips on the components of good pet care, courtesy of the experts at the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Pet owner ID

  1. Make sure your dogs and cats have proper, up-to-date identification (tags, microchips, registration) in case they get lost.

Pet owner spay

2. Spay and neuter your companion animals so they do not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem. Low-cost spay and neuter options are widely available.

Pet owner poop

3. Always be sure to clean up after your dog and be aware of local ordinances like licensing requirements and leash laws.

Pet owner stray

4. Don’t allow your cat to stray or wander off. Indoor cats lead safer, healthier, and longer lives than cats allowed to roam outdoors.

Pet owner vet

5. Keep your pet healthy with regular trips to the vet for preventive veterinary care.

Pet owner impulse

6. Your companion animals depend on you for a lifetime of care, so avoid impulsive decisions to get a new pet.

Pet owner exercise

7. Make sure your pets are well-socialized and trained, and that you provide them with plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Pet owner budget

8. Budget for unexpected pet-related expenses like veterinary emergencies.

Pet owner disaster

9. Don’t forget about your pets when assembling home first aid kits or making a disaster preparedness plan for your household.

Pet owner sneak

10. Limit the type and number of pets you have to those you can adequately care for (and never “sneak” an animal into a residence with a no-pets policy).



11 thoughts on “10 Tips on Responsible Pet Ownership

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  2. So true about pets living longer if you keep them indoors. Two of my cats lived to 19! They were afraid to go outside; never tried to get out once. They know when they have it good 🙂

  3. Number 3 is my biggest pet peeve about owners. Too many don’t pick up, give a bad rap to the rest of us, and making it unhealthy for our dogs. I always have to check before I let my dogs on the grass as the last thing I want is for them to step in it or something. Sigh. I often end up picking it up myself.

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