FACE was proud to participate in FidoFest 2016 recently, a dog-friendly event hosted by the City of Santee, California and benefiting an amazing SoCal-based national non-profit called Dogs on Deployment.

Have you ever wondered what happens to soldiers’ pets when they are away on a months-long military deployment? Family and friends are not always able to care for a military member’s dogs, cats, and other pets for an extended period of time.


That’s where Dogs on Deployment comes in. Dogs on Deployment connects members of our military with amazing volunteers who are willing to care for their beloved pets while they fulfill their duties.

This great organization was founded by a husband and wife, Shawn and Alisa Johnson, a dual-military family who found themselves faced with a deployment and a training assignment at the same time. Their fur kid, an Australian Shepherd named JD, needed a temporary home. Luckily, a family member who lived near Alisa’s training location volunteered to care for JD during this time.


The stress of worrying about what to do about JD gave this military couple an idea, and Dogs on Deployment was born. Shawn and Alisa realized that there was a need to provide members of the military with a support system for their pets. Military members all over the country can search Dogs on Deployment to find volunteers willing to care for their pets, and volunteers can search DoD to find pets in need of assistance.

Interested in helping to care for a military pet near you? Check out the Dogs on Deployment website to learn more and join DoD today!



14 thoughts on “Dogs on Deployment Helps Military Pets

  1. I just found you guys through twitter! This is great! We do the same thing here in Illinois @lovingpaws. If you ever have a soldier in our area that needs help with a dog we would be glad to assist them.

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