Meet Emma: FACE’s 1,500th Life Saved


Last week, an eight year-old Spaniel-Retriever mix named Emma fell ill unexpectedly. She could barely eat and was very lethargic, so her owner Anthony took her to the vet immediately. After examining Emma, FACE Save-a-Life Partner Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (PESC) determined that she had an illness known as Pyometra–a life-threatening infection of the uterus in unspayed female animals. Like many pet owners, Anthony had never heard of Pyometra before his dog became ill. Emergency surgery was needed to save Emma’s life, but the cost was simply unaffordable for Anthony.


After spending all they could on the diagnosis and management of Emma’s severe infection, Anthony and his girlfriend Juli were financially tapped out. Without surgery, euthanasia is often the recommended course of action for animals who have Pyometra, which is why preventative spaying and neutering is so vital. Fortunately, Emma was able to get her surgery thanks to a FACE grant and the amazing veterinary team at PESC, who generously discounted the cost of the procedure for this family. Emma marks FACE’s 1,500th life saved, which just happens to coincide with our 10th anniversary this year.


FACE would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters and donors for helping to make this 1,500th life saved possible. Because of caring animal lovers like you, beloved family pets like Emma can get a second chance and enjoy a happy, healthy, and long life!


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