10 Tips on How to Be a Great Cat Parent

Cat parent1

Many animal lovers who live in small spaces or have busy work and social lives get cats because they assume that having a cat is less of a work/time commitment than caring for a dog. While this can be true in terms of time and effort spent on things like obedience classes and going for daily walks, cats need care and attention, too! Are you doing all you can to be a good parent to your cat?

Here are some great reminders on how to be a good cat parent, based on advice from the folks at Entirely Pets:

Cat parent5

1. Make sure to take at least ½ hour every day to play and bond with your cat.

2. Provide your cat with a safe, quiet place to retreat to during stressful times like thunderstorms and parties with lots of strangers.

3. Groom your cat regularly to improve your bond…as well as your cat’s skin, coat, and hairball issues.

Cat parent3

4. Keep your cat healthy by not overfeeding her.   Obesity causes many preventable feline health problems.

5. Know what’s toxic to cats and keep your cat away from houseplants and human foods and medicines that can poison him.

6. Note any changes in your cat’s behavior, it could be a sign of illness or injury.

Cat parent4

7. Take your cat to the vet at least once a year. Many cats, especially seniors, can benefit from a twice-yearly visit.

8. Make sure all of your cat toys are safe for your cat to play with. Keep your cat away from “toys” like string and yarn to avoid accidental ingestion.

Cat parent2

9. The majority of cats will develop dental disease at some point in their lives. Incorporate tooth brushing into your cat’s grooming routine.

10. Indoor cats live safer, healthier, and longer lives than outdoor cats, so please keep your cat inside.


20 thoughts on “10 Tips on How to Be a Great Cat Parent

  1. Great post with good advice although I must confess I don’t clean my girls’ teeth…they have dental treats but regular teeth brushing is a practise that is definitely best introduced as young as possible. Great post : )

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  3. Very timely post for me….as we just a couple days ago rescued a sweet new kitty 🙂 Thanks for the tips! He’s very timid and adjusting slowly so I’ve been looking for tips.

      • NAIL TRIMMING? That’s brave! My cat only weighs 3.49kg but he has the strength of 10 grizzly bears. 4 people couldn’t hold him still for his blood test, so he had to be sedated. And, to put his Cone of Shame on him, 2 of us needed leather jackets & padded gloves …

        (I’m not joking.)

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