The Heartwarming Story of “The Fluffy Duo”


You may have seen some cute pictures of one little fluffy dog by the side of a bigger fluffy dog on the Internet lately. Meet Hoshi and Zen, two dogs who share a very special friendship…in addition to their furry good looks! Hoshi is a senior American Eskimo dog who had been suffering from glaucoma. He was already blind and his eyes were causing him pain. He needed surgery to remove his eyes in order to improve his quality of life.


A few months before his surgery, his “parents” rescued a cute little Pomeranian named Zen. Zen was a homeless pup with some health problems. They immediately fell in love with Zen at the shelter and brought him home to Hoshi. Hoshi and Zen bonded immediately and became inseparable, each helping the other out with their special needs.


Zen knows that Hoshi needs some extra help and is always by his side, gently guiding him around. Hoshi has been a calming influence on the anxious Zen and has helped bring out his true personality.


You can see lots of adorable pictures and follow the outdoorsy adventures of these two special dogs on their totally irresistible Instagram account…and here’s a little video from their YouTube channel:


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