Animal Lovers Rally to Save San Diego’s “Jetty Cats”


Many San Diegans are familiar with our famous “Original Dog Beach” (one of the first dog-friendly beaches in the U.S.), popular with locals and tourists alike. But did you know that not far from Dog Beach is a Mission Bay jetty that is home to the “Jetty Cats”—a colony of stray and abandoned cats who have made their home among the jetty rocks?


The Jetty Cats are not your average feral cat colony. Sadly, many of them are former pets left there by owners who no longer want them. Others are strays who have joined the group. They are quite friendly and approachable, and many locals enjoy visiting them and feeding them. They are also cared for by local animal welfare advocates who make sure they are spayed and neutered.


The Jetty Cats are under threat. The City of San Diego and the USDA’s Wildlife Services Division have plans underway to trap and euthanize these much-loved cats. The stated reason is to protect endangered bird species in the area, but concerned animal lovers fear that this is an inappropriate reaction to what is generally regarded as a very well-managed cat colony.


You can learn more about this issue and sign a petition showing your support for the Jetty Cats HERE. Interested in learning more about this unique community of cats? Check out THIS VIDEO from our local ABC New station.


20 thoughts on “Animal Lovers Rally to Save San Diego’s “Jetty Cats”

  1. I’m assuming the petition must be signed by San Diego/California residents. Like you say, it’s not like they’re out there on their own. There are people watching over and taking care of them. It’s just intolerable if they euthanize these beautiful cats.

  2. Here’s the obvious question: are these endangered birds anywhere near the feral cat colony? Because if there’s a huge distance then removing the feral cats colony won’t make much of a difference. Unless the cats are scape goats.

  3. I signed the petition and I live in TN. Don’t know if that will make a difference or not. It says that just the name will appear on the petition, so, I guess, in theory, they won’t know where I live. I think this is sad. They really do need to find a better solution and do more study to see what impact the cats are actually having on the birds. Hope they can figure it out. Also, I think it is awesome that people are caring for them so well and making sure that they are getting spayed and neutered.

    • Thank you for signing the petition! It’s great to show support for an animal cause you care about, no matter where you live! A lot of American animal lovers are also very concerned right now about the feral cat “culling” project going on in Australia.

  4. Hello All,
    We have received a lot of messages and posts regarding the issue with the USDA. We have been working with several other groups regarding the safety of our cats and we have found that this is already an active project that the USDA has been doing for 10 years now. They are NOT trapping near our colony and any cats trapped in other areas will be taken into animal control. The sad news is any wildlife (predators to the protected birds) such as skunks and raccoons WILL be killed. The methods are not humane and this should not be tolerated in such a modern society. San Diego Humane Society is actively working to fight this and I would advise all who are creating petitions to focus on saving those wild creatures who are being murdered rather than relocated to our beautiful undeveloped land here in Southern California.
    Thank you everyone for your concerns. It really warms my heart. 😁
    -Audrey and the Jetty Cats

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