123 Yorkie-Mix Dogs Rescued From San Diego-Area Home


Animal hoarding stories are always tough to hear about. A recent hoarding case in the San Diego County community of Poway has gotten a lot of attention recently. An incredible number of dogs were rescued from a hoarding situation…123 to be exact (the number grew after animal welfare workers found additional dogs that the owners had been hiding during the original rescue operation).


In this sad case, an elderly couple had been hoarding these little Yorkie-mix dogs in their home, and the living conditions faced by the dogs were, as you can imagine, horrific. The dogs are now in the care of the San Diego Humane Society, and it’s been all hands on deck caring for these sweet pups. They’ve needed grooming, dental care, vaccinations, and other services.


They soon will be made available for adoption. San Diego Humane has set up a special web page to help field the many inquiries about the adoption process for these Yorkies. If you live in the San Diego area, consider opening your heart to one of these special dogs. You can also watch a news video about the dogs HERE.


19 thoughts on “123 Yorkie-Mix Dogs Rescued From San Diego-Area Home

  1. What these people are thinking, money I think. What is the punishment there. Here in Finland these terrible puppy mills get some fee, that is all, and they are not allowed to keep animals for about three years. I think they need to be in a prison, these animals can’t goo anywhere to ash help, just suffer.
    Thank God these are in good hands.

  2. This is just a sad story. I am sure that this elderly couple thought they were loving these dogs. They may or may not have realized that their situation had spiraled out of control. This, in a way, is more sad than rescues from a sadistic owner. I hope that the San Diego Humane Society has the capabilities to take on these pups and find them new homes.

    • Yes, people start out with the best intentions but things can get out of control. Over 100 dogs in one house is pretty extreme. SDHS is doing a tremendous job caring for these dogs and people are eager to adopt them!

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