Video: Shelters Prepare For This Year’s Kitten Season

Spring is a very busy time for animal welfare workers and volunteers.  It’s the time of year when the warm weather means that homeless cats in your community (and unaltered pets allowed to roam) will mate and produce lots of kittens.  Each year, animal shelters and cat rescue groups are flooded with homeless kittens (sometimes with mom, sometimes orphaned) that need care.

Want to know what it’s really like to be on the front lines during kitten season?  Cat rescue advocate Hannah Shaw–aka “Kitten Lady”–has recently shared a video about how shelters handle kitten season on her YouTube channel.

If you haven’t heard about the work that Hannah does rescuing vulnerable shelter kittens and raising awareness about this issue, check out the Kitten Lady website to learn more!  And if you’re interested in helping your local shelter or rescue group, you can consider fostering…or donating much-needed kitten season wish list items like kitten food, formula, and other supplies.  Check with you local animal welfare organization to find out what’s needed most.


19 thoughts on “Video: Shelters Prepare For This Year’s Kitten Season

  1. Our vet (Dr. Jeff from Rocky Mountain Vet on TV) does tons of low-cost spay and neuter sessions in town and through the region. He always insists on neutering whenever someone comes in for emergency work. Let hope kitten season isn’t too horrible and homes can be found for them all with a quick ‘snip’ in their immediate future. 🙂

    • Holy cow! Your vet is Dr. Jeff? Love that show, always reminds me of living in Colorado. But somehow I never knew about his practice until I moved. I know he’s big on spay/neuter and does amazing outreach for that…”planned pethood” 🙂

      • Yup, Planned Pethood-we’ve been going to them for years. First through his low-cost vaccine traveling events and then when we moved to the NW side of town as our regular vet (when we were in Aurora we went to Alameda East-looks like I have a thing for TV vets, doesn’t it?). Dr. Jeff’s such a good guy and does such amazing work in the community. Too bad his 100,000 other clients think so too. Sometimes it’s impossible to get in especially when Elsa has seizures. But we like the folks there and just hope they can always take care of us.

      • Wow, that is so cool, I bet you have some stories to tell. I’ve noticed lately that people from out of state are driving hundreds of miles just to see him. Can certainly appreciate people’s desire for lower cost services given our mission to help folks with emergency vet bills. I hope he stays strong, healthy, and active!

      • That makes 100,002 of us! 🙂 His whole staff is amazing. Dr. Amy mostly takes care of Elsa’s epilepsy. It’s so wonderful that he helps so many people out with lower vet bills. We are especially lucky since his old client is not far from our house. Now it’s a bit further but still close enough.

      • Yes, he doesn’t need the publicity, but I’m curious about what it’s like to take your pet to the vet with a camera crew around…have you been on TV yet?!

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