Heartwarming Video: Seniors Care for Orphaned Shelter Kittens

Orphaned baby kittens need lots of tender loving care, and Tucson, Arizona’s Pima Animal Care Center has teamed up with the nearby Catalina Springs Memory Care Center in an amazing partnership that benefits both the kittens and the center’s resident seniors.  The shelter brings the tiny kittens to be bottle-fed and cared for by the residents.

The heartwarming result?  The kittens get lots of love and socialization, making them very adoptable and ready for their future forever homes, and the seniors enjoy cuddling and interacting with their foster fur babies.  Check out this adorable video of the program in action!


14 thoughts on “Heartwarming Video: Seniors Care for Orphaned Shelter Kittens

  1. Watching the faces of those seniors put tears in my eyes and smiles in my hearts. How wonderfully enriching for both uprights and kitties. Thank you for sharing. With all the nastiness and acrimony this day and age, I needed that today.

    • Thank you, that video made my day when I saw it for sure, and it’s nice to share such a sweet story in this time when most of the news coming at us is so grim. Give me a tiny kitten and a bottle of formula, stat!

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