It’s coming…the annual event known as Clear the Shelters Day is happening this Saturday, August 19th at animal shelters around the U.S.  Clear the Shelters is an event sponsored by local NBC and Telemundo television stations around the country to encourage shelter pet adoptions.  Many shelters will waive adoption fees on Saturday, so it’s the perfect time to open your heart to a shelter pet in need of a loving forever home.

Check out this map on the Clear the Shelters website to find a participating shelter in your community.  And here’s a cute video from sponsor VIP Pet Care to get you in the mood!


20 thoughts on “Clear the Shelters Day is Saturday, August 19th!

      1. They do and I am NOT in the market for another. I just know that they are overwhelmed with the number of animals they have. You would think they would participate in programs like this that might help get some of them adopted.

      2. Yes, something like this event might make the difference to someone who was on the fence. Adoption fees for puppies and kittens can be as high as $75 in some cases.

      1. Lol…It’s been one of those weeks and I got completely muddled with dates! 😸

      1. LOL, there was a cat boarding place in Denver that put a gerbil (in a cage of course!) in the room with our cats for entertainment. One of my cats would sit there and stare at “Harry” like it was the most fascinating thing ever!

      2. It’s pretty endearing, but I hope she doesn’t start doing that with the bees that are out drinking up all the pollen on all the Russian Sage blooming now. That could be trouble. 🐝

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