A sweet dog named Flora was inconsolable after her best friend, a 20-year-old rescue cat named Dexter passed away.  Her human family took in 4 foster kittens and Flora found some new kitty friends to help her get over the loss of Dexter.  Watch the adorable video, courtesy of The Dodo, here:


12 thoughts on “Heartwarming Video: Dog Cares for Foster Kittens After Losing Cat Best Friend

  1. Oh how adorable 💕 I love it when cats and dogs get along..my little dog and old cat used to sleep in the same basket, but my present girlies don’t really like dogs as they weren’t brought up with them…Lovely post! 😸

    1. Yes, my heart melted when I saw that story. Such a sweet dog. I don’t think my cats would appreciate having a dog introduced into the house at this stage either…but it is nice to see cats and dogs loving on each other! ❤

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