There have been so many sad stories of loss coming out of the areas of California currently experiencing devastating wildfires.  The owners of a Bernese Mountain Dog named Izzy expected the worst when they hiked through their neighborhood, destroyed by fire, searching for the body of their dog after she went missing in the firestorm.

They got to their family property, expecting a grim discovery, but still called for Izzy.  To their surprise, Izzy came running towards them, out of the still-smoldering rubble.  Watch the heartwarming video here:


15 thoughts on “Video: Family Dog Found Safe After Being Lost in California Wildfire

  1. Watching these fires on the news is so heartbreaking, so many animals & wildlife have perished so horribly. This is one lucky dog I wonder where he went during the fires, if only he could talk! I always worry about the cats as they are notorious for being difficult to rescue 😦 Are you aware of any animal rescue groups that will be working to look for pets?

  2. So very sorry the family lost their home (these fires are mind-blowing in their destruction and we continue to pray they get under control) but beyond elated Izzy was found. I gasped out loud when I saw her run toward her family. Thank you for sharing something so preciously sweet in a big picture story so horribly awful. Have a great weekend.

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