FACE Year in Review: 327 Pets Saved to Date

With 2017 quickly drawing to close, FACE staff members have been busy compiling our end of the year statistics.

Here is a snapshot of the San Diego area pets we have helped save via financial grants for emergency veterinary care so far this year:

327 Pets Saved

226 dogs, 100 cats, 1 bird

Most Popular Pet Names

Bear, Bella, Lilly, Luna, and Molly

Medical Conditions Treated

Fracture repairs:  71 cases

Urethral obstructions (catheterization):  39 cases

GI tract foreign body obstructions:  37 cases

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD):  27 cases

Amputation:  24 cases

Miscellaneous:  22 cases

Pyometra (uterine infection):  19 cases

Urethral obstructions (perineal urethrostomy):  18 cases

Femoral head osteotomy (FHO):  14 cases

Hernia or abscess repairs:  11 cases

Laceration repairs:  11 cases

Eye removal:  7 cases

Luxating patella:  6 cases

Rattlesnake bites:  5 cases

Post trauma hospitalization:  5 cases

Wound repair:  4 cases

Difficult births:  4 cases

Mouth and gum disease:  3 cases


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