Every Ending is a New Beginning

Danae Davis (L) with a little friend and Brooke Haggerty (R)

All of us at the FACE Foundation would like to wish our friends and supporters a happy and healthy New Year.

The beginning of 2018 marks a bittersweet transition for FACE, as we say goodbye to our Executive Director Brooke Haggerty and hello to new Executive Director Danae Davis…or should we say welcome back, as many of our friends will remember Danae’s tenure as FACE’s former Programs Manager.

Danae and Brooke at a FACE golf tournament fundraiser

Brooke joined FACE seven years ago as an intern and was quickly promoted to Programs Manager and then Executive Director three and a half years ago. She has been an integral member of the team ever since, helping to grow the organization, expand our programs, and raise awareness about the work that we do to save beloved family pets in need of urgent medical care.

After much personal reflection and deliberation, Brooke has made the difficult decision to leave FACE.  She has accepted an exciting offer to join the Animal Protection and Rescue League as their Executive Director, where she will primarily be working as part of a Humane Society of the United States coalition to pass a November 2018 California animal welfare ballot initiative.

The initiative would establish that eggs produced and sold in California must come from cage-free birds, that eggs sold statewide would have to come from birds given at least one square foot of space, and that pork and veal sold in California must come from farms that don’t lock pigs and calves in gestation crates. If it passes, this would be one of the most significant pieces of animal rights legislation in history and would improve the lives of millions of animals.

Danae and Brooke with a biker pup

While we are sorry to say farewell to Brooke, we are pleased to announce that she will remain on the FACE Board of Directors where she will continue to help us flourish.  We wish her all the best as she embarks on this new and important journey.  Please join us in thanking Brooke and welcoming Danae as she rejoins the FACE team.

Danae brings with her a vast and in-depth knowledge of FACE’s programs and veterinary partners, experience working in an emergency veterinary hospital, a degree in Global and International Studies, and a certification in nonprofit management.  We are confident that Danae will guide FACE through this transition and are excited for a future in which we can save even more pets in need of emergency veterinary care.

Brooke and Danae, showing their SoCal style

Always for the animals, your friends at FACE.


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