Website Raises Awareness About Pet Suffocation Hazards

We’ve all seen funny videos of dogs, cats, and other animals with their heads stuck in potato chip bags or other kinds of food packaging.  But did you ever stop to think about what would happen if your pet got his head stuck in a bag while you were not at home to pull it off?

The website Prevent Pet Suffocation seeks to raise awareness among pet owners about the very real dangers of a seemingly cute situation.  Because may food bags are made from mylar-type materials designed to keep food fresh, these packages can create a vacuum-like seal around your pet’s head as she tries to breathe.

If you are not around to remove the bag, your pet can run around the house in a panic and lose even more oxygen at a faster rate.  Dogs, cats, and other animals can asphyxiate and die in a matter of minutes.

What can you do to prevent this heartbreaking tragedy from happening in your home?  Prevent Pet Suffocation has created an online petition asking Frito Lay to put warning labels on their snack bags.  You can lend your voice to this effort.

Also, check out this infographic for tips on how to prevent suffocation.  It can be as simple as cutting up empty bags and storing open bags in a secure cabinet and not on the kitchen counter.

You can also follow Prevent Pet Suffocation on Facebook to keep up to date on their awareness campaign, and see some very moving posts about people’s beloved pets who have suffered this very sad (and preventable) fate.


11 thoughts on “Website Raises Awareness About Pet Suffocation Hazards

  1. How very sad. Definitely something to raise awareness about – I tend to treat the animals like small children, everything harmful put away or above head height. Doesn’t really work with my son since he’s taller than me now, but you get the idea!

    Great post, important advice, thank you 😺💕xxx

    • Yes, it is important. I know my curious cats have gotten themselves caught in those plastic bags with handles…and it’s all you can do to catch them when they start running! :-O

  2. Really good point. I must confess to finding it hilarious watching Dudley, my Chocolate Labrador climbing into the empty feed pack BUT luckily I had this in mind and NEVER left him alone with it. Despite my precautions, we should all think more carefully about the safety of our pets though.

  3. Holy cow…I had NO idea! I try to be super vigilant about things they dogs shouldn’t have, even under supervision (and clearly missed given that the munched reading glasses count is up to 4 😳) but will definitely slice all bags being tossed, just in case! Thanks for spreading the word.

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