Dog lovers pride themselves on their knowledge of breeds, especially when successfully identifying the breeds that went into a particular mutt.  How would you rate your ability to name the breeds that make up a mixed breed dog?

The MuttMix Project invites all “dog detectives” to take a survey to test their mutt IQ.  Participants will be asked to register and can take a few practice tests before starting the survey.  With 30 mutts to identify, you can take a break and pick up later if your head starts spinning!

After completing the survey, you will be sent a certificate of completion and the answers to the mutt survey via email.

The MuttMix Project is part of Darwin’s Dogs, a collaborative academic project that studies canine ancestry by collecting and analyzing dog DNA.

While DNA tests can identify the breeds that go into mutts, the MuttMix Project seeks to understand how people perceive purebred and mixed breed dogs based on appearance.

Click HERE to take this fun (and challenging!) survey…and contribute to science at the same time!


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