Heartwarming Video: Meet FACE Success Story Lilly and Her Mom Linda

Grab a tissue and check out this recent addition to our YouTube channel!  FACE was able to help an adorable adopted senior dog and her loving mom.  Meet our friends Linda and Lilly!




Dog Beach Dos and Don’ts from San Diego Humane

Here in San Diego we have quite a few dog-friendly beaches for people and their pups to enjoy.  Are you planning on bringing your dog to the beach for some fun in the sun this summer?  The San Diego Humane Society has put together a list of some helpful dog beach etiquette tips for you and your best friend!

  • Many dogs go off-leash at the beach, but keep your dog leashed if you have any concerns about her behavior towards strangers and other dogs. You should also keep your dog leashed if she doesn’t come when called!
  • Bring plenty of fresh water for your dog to drink and an umbrella to provide your dog with shade on hot, sunny days.

  • Not every dog is a good swimmer, especially certain short-muzzled and short-legged breeds like Bulldogs and Dachshunds. Start your dog out leashed in shallow water to see how he does.  Make sure to pull him from the water if he gets tired.
  • Having up to date identification like tags and microchips is especially important when your dog goes off-leash at the beach.

  • Flea and tick prevention should also be up to date before you head to the beach.
  • Rinse the sand and salt water off of your dog when you’re done, and dry her off with a walk before getting back in the car.


Meet FACE Success Story Butterscotch!

Here at FACE, we love to help all pets, we just don’t get many opportunities to help animals other than dogs and cats. When we received a call about Butterscotch, a five-year-old guinea pig who needed an eye removal, we knew we had to help this adorable little guy!

Though losing an eye might sound scary, Butterscotch was in the best of hands, receiving care from exotic pet expert Dr. Cecil at San Diego’s Pet Emergency & Specialty Center.  PESC is one of FACE’s incredible veterinary hospital partners and provides us with a 25% discount off the entire procedure.

Surgery was a complete success and Butterscotch has returned home to his loving family and his brother, Peanut Butter!


Summer Pet Safety Tips

The Summer Solstice is this Thursday, June 21st!  Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your pets, but be sure you are prepared to keep them safe when the weather is hot.

The Arizona Humane Society has created some very helpful infographics on summer pet safety…because our friends in Arizona know a thing or two about hot weather!

Check out these important tips!

And this guide to heat exhaustion in pets:

Have a safe and happy summer!



“I’ve Pet That Dog” Shares the Puppy Love!

Meet Gideon, a 9-year-old who shares pictures and brief stories of all the dogs that he’s met…and petted!

This young dog lover started the I’ve Pet That Dog blog in 2016.  He began posting on Twitter in April and already has over 90,000 followers!

The format is simple…and adorable.  Gideon posts pictures of himself with dogs of all shapes and sizes and describes the pups in a few choice words.

Be sure to check in with Gideon for your daily dose of canine cuteness!