In many communities around the U.S. cats and small dogs are at risk of being attacked by coyotes.  Many pet owners have reported that cats have been taken from enclosed backyards and small dogs were attacked while out on walks.

What can pet parents do to keep their fur kids safe from coyotes?  We’ve gathered some of the best advice on what to do to protect your pets, including some interesting products you can buy as well.

For cats, it’s always safest to keep them inside in areas where coyotes are active.  Outdoor cats are at greater risk for attacks by coyotes and other animals, in addition to being hit by cars and picking up parasites.

The Humane Society of the United States reports that feral cat colonies are also at risk for coyote attacks and suggests that colony caretakers make sure to provide vertical escape routes and elevated feeding stations for community cats.

What about small dogs?  As with cats, don’t leave them outside, even in a fenced-in yard, unattended.  Coyotes can dig under or jump over fences.  Dogs tethered with ropes or chains can be especially vulnerable.

Our friends at the Drake Center for Veterinary Care here in San Diego where coyotes are active have some great dog walking advice:

  • Keep your dog on a short leash while on walks, especially at dusk and dawn.
  • Avoid using retractable leashes because your dog can get too far away from you during an emergency.
  • Walk in high pedestrian traffic areas and avoid paths and trails bordering bushy areas where coyotes hide.

Did you know that you can also buy a Coyote Vest to keep your small dog safe when on walks?  These vests have either spikes or bristles that go over your dog’s back to help protect them from attacks.

You can also carry coyote deterrents while out on walks.  You can carry a noisemaker like an airhorn, whistle, or even an aluminum can filled with coins.  What about deterrent sprays?  You can buy commercial deterrent sprays or make your own by filling a spray bottle with water mixed with vinegar or ammonia.

Want more advice on keeping your pets safe from coyotes?  Check out the Coyote Smarts website for great tips!


14 thoughts on “Keeping Pets Safe from Coyotes

  1. We have had a few coyotes in this neighborhood over the years (though less and less with all the new peeps moving in) and sadly a few small pets found out the hard way. Coyotes are opportunistic hunters and outside cats are especially vulnerable.

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