Meet FACE Success Story Luna!

Cute little Luna is a 13-week-old Border Collie mix who got sick after eating tree bark.  Our partners at Ethos Veterinary Health were treating Luna when her dad (who works 2 jobs to help make ends meet) ran out of funds during her hospitalization.

A FACE grant enabled Luna to remain in the hospital for one more day of the oxygen therapy and supportive care she needed to survive.

We’re happy to report that Luna is now doing well and on her way to a full recovery.

Did you know that some tree bark is harmful to dogs?  Here’s a list of plants that are toxic to dogs, from the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control website.

Why do some dogs love to eat tree bark?  Here’s a short video that helps explain this common canine behavior:


6 thoughts on “Meet FACE Success Story Luna!

  1. I wish more people understood how detrimental sticks can be for dogs. I’m a pet sitter/dog walker, and I recently brought this up at the dinner table with some family members and got an eye roll and a “can’t you just let dogs be dogs?” from my sister. I’m afraid too many people feel that way. Thank you for working to educate folks!

    • Yes, that’s so true, and the same can also be said about bones. How many emergency trips to the vet happen because of table scraps? Hopefully we can raise awareness one conversation – and blog post – at a time!

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