It’s National Deaf Dog Awareness Week

The last full week of September has been designated as Deaf Dog Awareness Week.

This is a great time to remember all the special needs dogs and cats that are awaiting adoption at your local animal shelter or rescue group.

Thinking about adopting a deaf dog?  The Deaf Dog Education Action Fund is a great resource for anyone who’s considering opening their heart and home to a deaf companion animal.


2 thoughts on “It’s National Deaf Dog Awareness Week

  1. When the sheepdogs were still alive, the male went deaf in his later years. Not generally a problem, there was little adjustment to his routine and I only had to make sure not to start him with a touch he didn’t see. Within our sheepdog community, there was one OES (Cloverton the Deaf Dog- who was born deaf but one of the smartest, most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever known. It was a joy to see him respond to American Sign Language commands. His motto is “Deaf doesn’t mean dumb. It just means I can’t hear the dumb things you say.”

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