The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently issued an animal drug safety communication about the potential neurological side effects of a class of flea and tick medication known as isoxazoline.

FDA-approved isoxazoline drugs go by the brand names Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard, and Simparica.  Isoxazolines are a relatively new class of synthetic pesticides that can be administered orally as well as topically.

The neurological adverse reactions identified by the FDA include muscle tremors, ataxia (loss of muscle control), and seizures.

While the FDA reports that they still consider these drugs to be safe and effective, it is notifying veterinarians and pet owners of these adverse neurological reactions so that they can make informed decisions about flea and tick control for the animals in their care.

The FDA advises vets and pet owners to report adverse drug events to the drug manufacturers or to the FDA.  You can find a list of the drug manufacturers and their phone numbers in this fact sheet for pet owners and veterinarians.

For more on isooxazoline drugs, click HERE.


2 thoughts on “FDA Warns Pet Owners and Vets About Risks of Certain Flea and Tick Medications

  1. I read this story and was particularly grateful to be in a nice dry climate where so many of these nasty little critters don’t often hang out. Luckily essential oils does the trick (well that and the fact that I never let the dogs run in grassy fields-I don’t want those things crawling on me either!). Score one for living in an urban jungle.

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