January 1, 2019 was the first day that a new animal welfare law went into effect here in California.  Under this law (called the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act), pet stores cannot sell dogs, cats, or rabbits unless they are from animal shelters or rescue organizations.

This law prevents pet stores from selling animals sourced from commercial breeding operations, known as puppy mills.

According to the Sacramento Bee, pet stores in California must publicly display documentation on each animal’s origins in the area where the animal is housed.

Pet stores in violation of this law will have to pay a fine of $500 for each pet that is sold illegally.

Here’s a video on the new law from NBC News:


12 thoughts on “New California Pet Store Law Helps Shelter Animals

    1. Hopefully people will know the difference between reputable breeders and puppy mills when they look for a particular breed. The problem with pet stores – and online ads – is that the majority of animals from there come from commerical mill operations.

  1. Way to go California! Adopt Don’t Shop!
    So many beautiful cats & dogs are killed every minute of every day at shelters.
    A companion animal is just that, a companion not a product or an accessory.
    A dog is a dog & a cat is a cat who all deserve love & proper care🐾💜🐾
    💜nose nudges💜

  2. Loud applause from me! The horrors I have witnessed myself when it comes to animals turns my stomach! WE need more of these laws in every state! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  3. What a great piece of legislation! Now if only something like that would get enacted in the big puppy mill states, like Missouri and Pennsylvania. But we’ll take those little victories where we can find them, right? 😍

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