Many Pit Bull parents will tell you that they’ve never owned a sweeter dog, but the Pit Bull suffers from a scary reputation, due in large part to some irresponsible owners who have cultivated aggression in their dogs.

The word Pibble is being used more and more to help rehabilitate the Pit Bull brand.  According to a recent article in The New York Times, Pibble is joining the word Pittie and some other cute nicknames to help convey the sweet and gentle nature of this loyal and loving breed.

According to dog breed experts, the public perception of the Pit Bull has improved since the years when dog fighting rings were often in the news.  But people can still be afraid of them, and unfortunately some are still raised to be intimidating guard dogs.

Pit Bull advocates are eager to spread awareness about the true nature of this misunderstood dog, and feel that the smile-inducing name Pibble can help win over hearts and minds.

Need some proof that the Pibble is a big love bug?  Meet adorable Willie, who spent years as a chained dog, before finally finding a real home:


10 thoughts on “The Pibble: How a New Name Can Help the Misunderstood Pit Bull

  1. As a HUGE fan of Pibbles (I have a couple of grand Pibbles and know them to be the sweetest dogs around), I remain hopeful the rebranding effort works. Especially in cities that have breed specific brands, it’s even more important. 😊

  2. My son has a pibble pup and he is soooo sweet. And, he is perhaps the most exuberant little guy I’ve ever met. It will be a challenge getting him through his own youth. 🙂

  3. The pibble also has a subclass called the Beepsy Boopsies. They can be identified wearing sunglasses and bandanas with big goofy grins. They are peaceful dogs who never hurt anyone. Very good with hyperactive children and senior citizens and grandmas doing the ice water challenge. Also known as the “Jesus’ Best Friend” dog and the “St Francis Terrier”.

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