The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has released the results of its 2018 Pet Obesity Survey.  You can click HERE to read the full report.  Here are a few interesting findings about our pets:

  • 59.5% of cats and 55.8% of dogs are classified as either overweight or obese.  This translates to 56 million cats and 50 million dogs.
  • 25.7% of cats and 36.9% of dogs were rated as overweight.
  • 33.8% of cats and 18.9% of dogs were rated as obese.

  • 68% of pet owners report that they have tried to help their pets lose weight.
  • Calorie reduction/smaller portions and increased exercise were reported to be the most effective pet weight loss methods.
  • 53% of pet owners reported that their veterinarians discussed their pets’ weight with them, however 40% said that their vets did not provide them with dietary advice.

Could your dog or cat lose a few of those extra pounds?  APOP has created some helpful pet weight loss tools for owners.  You can find information on ideal weight ranges, pet caloric needs, and weight reduction advice for both dogs and cats.



5 thoughts on “New Pet Obesity Statistics for U.S. Dogs and Cats

  1. It always breaks my heart seeing an overweight pet. But with all the treat opportunities and peeps more plugged into to devices than moving around, far too understandable. I’m sure people don’t realize they are shortening their beloved fur-kid’s life.

    1. Yes, it’s a real problem, and definitely a combination of us being distracted by our devices instead of playing with our pets…and also feeding them too many treats because we love them and want to make them happy!

  2. I myself am a sleek & trim girl, as is Q & Dot but feline furbro Jerry Underfoot could use to loose a few pounds. Jerry is active but loves food especially his sister’s food 😉 Us pup never leave any leftovers so he isn’t getting extras from us.
    💜nose nudges💜

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