This adorable Golden Retriever is Charlie, a much-loved military family pet.  Charlie got into some trouble recently and swallowed a razor.  His vets at the Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in La Mesa, CA told Charlie’s parents that he needed emergency surgery.

Charlie’s parents began to raise money for the surgery but needed a little extra help.  They applied for a FACE grant and we were able to provide additional funds that enabled Charlie to have the gastrotomy surgery he urgently needed.

Charlie is now back at home recovering with his humans!


6 thoughts on “Meet FACE Success Story Charlie!

  1. When animals are kept, we must consider that they are like children: curious, enterprising and they do not see the dangers.
    For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to pay more attention to the things that are left around the house, from detergents, to plastic bags, to toys that can be dangerous… how could this poor Charlie have swallowed a razor? It gives me the creeps…

    1. Yes, as responsible pet owners we need to keep dangerous items away from our pets–but sometimes they can get into trouble no matter what we do. One of my cats ate dental floss out of a bathroom wastebasket. We now have only trash cans with lids in the house!

      1. Oh yeah! Our beloved animal companions, they are (worse) than children… they really need to be controlled keeping them well in sight! Sometimes they are cats (we had up to 15) that when they run outside the villa to take a walk, they come back with blades of grass that they don’t want to be vomited out. Our vet had to help our siamese cat Avorio, with half anesthetic, since the grass was already in the respiratory tract towards the nose! And unfortunately, you can’t “run after” a cat that wants to regain its freedom in the green! Have a lovely day :-)c

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