For many dogs and cats, the arrival of spring means that shedding season is here.  The temporary closure of pet grooming businesses for public health reasons can be difficult for dog owners accustomed to handing their pups over to a professional for grooming services.

We’ve gathered some of the best at-home grooming tips from the experts so that you and your dog can get through shedding season in style:

Brush or comb your dog regularly

Your groomer can advise you on the best grooming tools for your pet’s specific hair type.  The American Kennel Club also offers the following grooming tool advice:

Use a natural bristle brush or a hound mitt/glove with bristles on the palm for dogs with short coats.

Slicker brushes are good for dogs with long double coats.  For heavy shedders, an undercoat rake or shedding tool can be helpful.  Use a quality steel comb on mats.

Give your dog a bath

Regular bathing can reduce shedding in dogs.  Bathing helps to loosen and remove hair that’s ready to shed.  You can try using rubber bathing tools designed to help scrub your dog’s coat.  There are also shampoos specifically formulated for shedding.  Talk to your groomer for a recommendation.

Feed your dog a quality diet

Proper nutrition is key to healthy skin and coat in shedding season…and all year round.  Veterinarians report that a poor diet can lead to dry skin and a coarse, dull coat that sheds.  Talk to your veterinarian about choosing a dog food that promotes a healthy coat.

Some pet owners give their dogs supplements that are said to improve coat condition, such as fish oil or coconut oil.  Always talk to your vet before giving your dog any dietary supplement to ensure safe and effective treatment.


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