The ASPCA Pet Poison Helpline has seen an increase in calls from concerned pet owners since the COVID-19 crisis began.  The issue?  Many of us have questions about the safe use of cleaning and disinfecting products (such as bleach) around our pets.

To help pet owners, the Helpline has posted a video on their YouTube channel, presented by veterinary toxicologist Dr. Ahna Brutlag.  It provides helpful information on what to do, and not to do, when it comes to cleaning around your pets.

Bleach and other household cleaners can harm your pets’ skin and eyes, and if ingested (as with self-grooming of paw pads after walking on a freshly cleaned floor) can cause internal damage as well.

Of course, never apply household cleaners and disinfectants directly onto your pet.  As the Helpline notes with this useful hashtag, #StopBleachingFido

Here is the video.  For more information, check out the Helpline’s COVID-19 webpage.


4 thoughts on “Video: Cleaning and Disinfecting Safety Tips for Pet Owners

  1. I know of a woman who was putting disinfectant on your dog’s paws because she was afraid that when her dog went outside he would get the virus from the ground. My heart just broke when I heard this. She harmed her dog out of misinformation. Thank God some are telling others what NOT to use around animals and especially ON the. Bless you for the work you do here!

    1. Thank you. Sorry to hear about that poor dog. You would think we wouldn’t have to remind people not to put household cleaning products on their pets….but here we are.

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