Teddy is an adorable Schnauzer-Poodle mix.  His dad Christopher adopted him from the El Cajon Animal Shelter when he was a puppy.

Recently, Teddy began to experience a swollen, painful mouth.  His vets at the Bastet Veterinary Hospital told Christopher that Teddy had severe periodontal disease and required surgery to deal with several infected and broken teeth.

Teddy’s dad was laid off by a local casino during the COVID-19 crisis.  He was still waiting for the state to process his unemployment application and was worried about being able to afford a large veterinary bill.

Thanks to a grant from FACE, Teddy was able to get his much needed dental treatment and is now on the road to recovery!


11 thoughts on “Meet FACE Success Story Teddy!

  1. Thank you for helping Teddy. Many people are now in big troubles without work around the world. Here is seen people take their healthy per to a vet asking euthanasia for pet, because they have no money to take care of it. So some vets are trying to find a home for them, not all.

    1. Yes, it is a hard time for pets. People are giving them up for financial reasons, and also because they (incorrectly) fear they will catch the virus from them. Have also heard that fewer animals are being spayed/neutered, which will lead to overpopulation.

  2. Teddy is a cutie ❤
    I’m glad Face could help, especially because Teddys owner loves him and didn’t give him up 🙏 Respect!

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