The fetch Foundation is an Arizona-based non-profit that seeks to save the lives of family pets in fires and other emergency situations.  They report that half a million pets are impacted by fire each year in the United States.  40,000 family pets die from smoke inhalation annually.

To address this problem, fetch has created the Fido Bag.  Fido Bags are given to fire departments and other first responders so that family pets can be saved.  They contain a special cone-shaped oxygen mask designed to fit over an animal’s muzzle.  Also included are burn sheets, bandages, rinsing saline, and protective restraints.  Pets are also provided with collapsible water dishes and toys.

Fire departments that receive a Fido Bag also get specialized veterinary training on how to use the supplies to save a pet’s life.  Be sure to talk to your local fire department to see if they are trained and equipped to respond to pets affected by fire.

For more information on fire safety and preparedness for pet owners, check out this helpful guide from the ASPCA.


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