Have your heart set on a particular breed of dog as your next pet?  Before you get your new best friend, be sure to do your research on the overall health of the breed you are interested in.

Advances in DNA technology have made it easier than ever to find out if your preferred breed is likely to inherit a canine health condition.

My Breed Data is a searchable database of genetically transmissible diseases and conditions found in the different dog breeds.

You can search by breed name or disease name.  Simply start typing the first few letters and available choices will come up.

A breed search brings up conditions that have been scientifically established for the breed as well as conditions that are likely but need further study.  You can click on each disease name to bring up a description and the percentages of dogs in the population that are carriers and genetically at risk.

A disease search brings up an alphabetical listing of dog breeds impacted by the disease, as well as the percentages of dogs that are carriers and dogs that are genetically at risk.

Be sure to talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about inherited diseases or conditions in your dog.


8 thoughts on “A Searchable Database of Inherited Diseases in Dogs

      1. It makes me feel like it’s even more important than ever to use responsible breeders and oppose puppy mills and for-profit only backyard breeders who are perpetuating genetic conditions.

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