Human health and safety precautions during the coronavirus pandemic have significantly impacted how veterinarians care for our animal companions.  Besides implementing social distancing practices at veterinary clinics, vets are also turning to telemedicine.

A recent article in JAVMA News reports that vets who were once exploring the possibility of telemedicine are now using it as a regular part of their daily practice.

Veterinary schools around the country are educating vets on how to best implement telemedicine in their practices.  What can you expect if you set up a virtual visit with your local vet?

You may see a veterinary technician before, or instead of, getting an appointment with your vet.  Vet tech visits can be used as an initial screening, as well as to provide general information on things like what to feed your new puppy or how to teach a new kitten to use a scratching post.

Of course, a telemedicine visit can’t replace an in-person visit, but there are some things a vet can help clients with remotely.  The article reports that dermatology concerns are easily addressed in telemedicine, thanks to the use of photos and video.

Telemedicine is also good for things like follow up visits and rechecks after an in-person visit, as well as the regular management of chronic health conditions.

Be sure to call your vet and ask about how he or she is conducting veterinary care during this time if you have any concerns about your pet’s health.


8 thoughts on “Veterinarians Turn to Telemedicine During COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Learned this the hard way. While so much more expensive, I took Norman directly to the ER clinic but still had to wait outside. It was tough for both him and me to be separated but ever so grateful they fixed him all up. He’s now an extra big mama’s boy. 😊

      1. Yup, telemedicine wouldn’t have been useful in Norman’s case. Might work with routine conditions like ear infections or as a preliminary evaluation for orthopedic diagnosis but certainly not in a life threatening condition.

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